Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Feb. 10

Thrills, chills in Rock Hill

Thrills, chills, and popcorn spills! Acrobats, dancers, a pep band, freebies, Big Stuff and Li’l Stuff! No, I’m not talking about a circus. I’m talking about Winthrop basketball: men’s and women’s.

Both teams are doing great and could use more support from the Rock Hill community. From the “Star Spangled Banner” to the sound of the final buzzer, it’s great entertainment, and you won’t be disappointed.

Don't drive all the way to Charlotte. Great basketball is right here in Rock Hill! There are only a few games left in this season, so don’t procrastinate.

Ann Norman

Rock Hill

Media spin must go

James Werrell's Friday op-ed about Brian Williams’ lies was right on. The problem is we, the public, have been lied to so often and from so many sources, we do not trust anyone or anything anymore.

Even your own paper publishes drivel from the New York Times, Paul Krugman, and other “sources” with obvious agendas and biases as hard, supposedly factual news. It is not!

What happened to reporting the who, what, where, when and why of a story or happening without the “spin” of modifying adjectives?

It is not only your paper, any major network or media outlet is just as guilty. The public, uneducated in the ways of propaganda and persuasion, either believes the lies or goes to alternative outlets, i.e. the Internet, where the fact stretching is even worse.

Maybe I'm just an old cynic, but unless and until the fourth estate gets its act together and holds public figures accountable for their actions and statements, true or false, good or bad, without spin or agenda, and starts truly identifying sources and biases, we, as a society, are lost.

John McNamee


PMC needs competition

The reasons Judge Phillip Lenski used for giving Piedmont Medical Center the OK to build a hospital in Fort Mill don’t make sense. The medical profession is like any business in the sense that people go where they get the best service, feel comfortable with the people serving them and trust those in charge. Those who are satisfied with PMC and the doctors there will not leave.

Other people need a choice! Some doctors in Rock Hill do not have privileges at PMC. Their patients cannot be seen by their doctors if they go to PMC.

If PMC and the doctors cannot make it on their own, a judge should not give them complete control over an area. Piedmont recently has spent a lot of money expanding. Did they know something we did not know?

Darrell L. Ayers

Rock Hill