Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for March 3

Build offices downtown

I am writing to clear up a few misconceptions about the western York County Administration building in York. First, the estimate that was given by our consultant showed an estimated cost of $23,037,982 for the Arrow Road location and $24,201,108 for option two, which was stated is the most viable option for downtown.

That difference – $1.2 million – is no small change. However, the consultant has a 10 percent contingency in each option. That means that either option could vary up or down by $1.7 million, making it basically a wash.

We are always talking about saving taxes, and I believe we can save much more than the $1.2 million difference by building the new building downtown. We spent over $2.1 million purchasing and remodeling two buildings across from the courthouse. One of these buildings was redesigned to house the county attorney and the deed records, which require climate and humidity controls to keep them safe.

The other building was redesigned specifically to house the tax assessor, tax auditor and tax collectors. Those offices have 12,658 square feet allocated in the new administration building if moved to Arrow Road.

If we build the new building downtown, we can use the buildings we spent $2.1 million on instead of spending more taxpayers’ money to duplicate those offices in the new building and, therefore, wasting the money that was spent previously. The county years ago purchased the land downtown for future expansion, and now we are being told we need 15 acres of prime commercial property to have land for future expansion.

I do not understand why we need to double spend tax dollars and why we need to collect more property in the county portfolio. I think our citizens deserve all the details and not just some of them.

Robert Winkler

York County Council

District 3