Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Trump policies turning economy around

Contrary to a recent letter to the editor saying that the Republican tax bill is not good for America, the facts have shown that the Trump economic plans as well as the general policies on all levels in the federal government as a whole are transforming our country in a very positive way. The view of the business world is positive for everyone in this country. If one listens to Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, Jim Cramer, Neil Cavuto and Lou Dobbs among others who have a pulse on the economy, our life, wages, economy are getting better in spite of the fact we didn’t get rid of Obamacare which was a drag on the economy.

The economy because of the Trump policies is finally turning around. Business will invest, start raising wages and, if we have a chance to grow at 5 percent, maybe we can get rid of the debt that was doubled under the Obama tragic years. Everyone that works for a living will be making more, have a chance to grow their wealth, invest in themselves, invest in our country, and be proud of what you do.

The old comments from the liberal know nothings that use the term “trickle down” are just plain wrong. The tax cut will help everyone, including yours truly, a regular guy. Trump’s policies of investing in America are working, and no matter how many times you don’t like what the president does, he is actually improving your lives by improving all of America. We have a president that is looking out for us and keeping his promises, not like the previous administrations that were only for themselves.

Duane F. Christopher

Rock Hill

Sen. Clyburn’s actions disgraceful

As I watched the president’s State of the Union speech, I was disgusted at the lack of response from U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. When the president said that “In God We Trust” is our country’s motto, Rep. Clyburn chose to sit motionless in his seat instead of standing and clapping as the majority did. As a citizen of South Carolina, I find his actions disgraceful.

Larry Carter