Letters to the Editor

Voice of the people for April 30

Rubio is good choice

The other night I had the pleasure of watching a Fox News interview with Marco Rubio, who has entered the race for the presidency. He was magnificent with his patriotic spirit.

As far as I'm concerned, Sen. Rubio far surpasses any other candidate I have heard so far.

Sean Hannity asked Rubio many, many questions concerning our country, i.e., our borders, education, lack of jobs, our economy and how to build it up, how to create a better tax structure, the Obama health care disaster and, importantly, the lack of respect for the U.S. throughout the world.

From his first day in office, President Obama has worked to "put down" our wonderful country.

Yes, Rubio is a true patriot who loves the U.S. and is grateful to be here. He will bring our country out of strife for the betterment of “we, the people” – better than it has been for years.

Let's face the facts together as to what our country has become since Barack Obama and his so-called “transparent” administration took office in 2009. It has become one failure after another.

It’s about time that we replace Obama and his crew of agitation with someone who will bring back America as our forefathers would have us do.

I also would like to mention the Iran situation and how bad it is for our nation’s security. In my opinion and that of many others across our great nation, there is no way that Iran will hold true to any negotiation pertaining to their nuclear program. Their leader has already stated many times, “Death to America.”

Rev. Andrew Ranhosky


A plan for roads

An open letter to the Legislature: Fix the roads! You have a simple problem with a simple solution, and the governor has scared you into making it complicated. Let the users pay the costs. Pass a simple bill that just raises the gas tax.

Show a little backbone. You know that is the right thing to do. If the governor vetoes it, so be it! You have done what you were elected to do, solve a problem.

But somehow or other, I don’t think the governor will want this mess hung around her neck!

Ben H. Chamberlin


Vote yes for children

I am the mother of three school-age children who attend Rock Hill schools. I am very satisfied with the education they have received.

I will be voting in favor of the bond referendum on May 5, and I urge you to do the same.

I understand that the referendum will provide funding to improve all of our schools and further enhance the learning opportunity for our children. Please follow me to the polls on May 5 and vote yes for our children.

Susan Woodard

Rock Hill