Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Only after action are prayers answered

I can still see the picture of the Oklahoma City first responder carrying the lifeless body of a child on the cover of Time or Newsweek magazine. Now after so many years we have Columbine, Sandy Hook, a Denver movie theater and on Feb. 14 the tragedy in Florida. Our children are dying – needlessly.

Perhaps it can be said in Oklahoma City that the children were collateral damage to a larger screwed-up political ideology. But since then, our children have been the targets. Our policies as a society have made them easy targets by our leaders’ inaction on common sense ‘protection’ legislation – not gun control legislation but protect our children legislation.

They are being made targets by a society that says and believes, “It can never happen here.” It is so easy to blame the politicians in D.C. But, truly, the blames lies with us.

We place our children in danger when we blindly follow instead of listening and doing our own critical thinking. When it is easier to follow someone else’s voice than it is to follow what your heart knows to be righteous and true we place our loved ones in peril. As sacrilegious as it may sound, prayers give very little comfort to the parent who must bury their 14-year-old daughter and no comfort at all to that daughter. We owe them a commitment to fixing this issue that is uniquely and tragically America’s issue. If those in D.C. who we have empowered to assist us in this effort refuse to do so it is incumbent on us to find those who will. Only when we take action after prayers are prayers ever answered.

Dale Johnson

Rock Hill

Common sense gun measures

Gun safety is not too different from industrial safety – you manage the environment in a common sense manner.

I am a gun owner and former NRA member and I realize that what is common sense to me may not be common sense to others, but which of these measures would not make common sense to the overwhelming majority of people?

▪ Requiring a permit to purchase and/or three to seven-day waiting period. We wait that long for a book we purchase from Amazon.com

▪ Thorough background checks on all firearm purchases to deny purchase for those who have committed domestic violence, are guilty of armed robbery or assault, have certain mental illnesses – there are some people who should not own firearms no matter what the 2nd Amendment says

▪ Outlawing clips/magazines greater than 10 rounds – what sport really requires 30 rounds to kill game or demonstrate shooting skill?

▪ Registration of guns and gun owners – just like I register my car and have a driver’s license

▪ Banning of assault rifle sales – look at the number of mass murderers who have chosen assault rifles as their preferred weapon

▪ Elimination of bump stocks and similar “automatic firing” devices – this may be common sense even for the safety of the shooter, but we may find this action used just to appease gun control advocates

▪ Ensure only security officers have weapons in school – think of Ms. Smith, your sweet-as-can-be first-grade teacher carrying a 40 caliber semiautomatic handgun or Mr. Jones, your nerdy science teacher with a 357 magnum revolver; does that make sense? And if these two choose not to carry, think of some of the trigger-happy teachers who might want to carry.

Let’s select three of these common sense actions and get on with it. I’ll vote for that!

Mack Bailey

Rock Hill

Insensitive gun ads after Fla. school shooting

I cannot believe that a local store is advertising in today’s flier “Hot Deals" on the Colt Expanse +M4 Rifle and the Springfield Armory Saint Rifle together with several other gun ads.

Are we that insensitive to what has just happened to the children in Florida? These guns are military weapons and must be taken off the market. These guns are used in wars to hunt people and kill people. I am not against the 2nd Amendment. I am against average citizens running around this country with guns – no training, mentally ill, allowed to purchase any gun before the age of 21.

I feel my rights are being violated. My rights to feel safe. My rights to want my grandchildren to be safe. And please, having teachers with guns is a horrible idea. No teacher or guard on school grounds can guarantee to be at the right place at the right time to stop a shooter with an automatic weapon.

P. Kelley

Rock Hill