Letters to the Editor

Crab Banks vital to bird species; Why is the right wing fighting Trump?

Crab Banks vital to bird species

As Executive Director of Audubon South Carolina, I want to thank Congressman Ralph Norman for recognizing the importance of natural resources across the state, not just in the fifth congressional district. Congressman Norman recently signed on to a letter of support, led by Congressman Mark Sanford of the first congressional district, to include Crab Bank as a part of an Army Corps of Engineer’s pilot program designed to find beneficial uses for dredged materials. Crab Bank – a small island and a bird sanctuary near the Charleston Harbor – has eroded in recent years due to weather events, a changing climate and increased harbor activity.

The upcoming planned deepening of the Charleston Harbor presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild Crab Bank—which is vital habitat for bird species such as the Black Skimmer, the Brown Pelican and the Laughing Gull–using these dredged materials that would otherwise be disposed. It is reassuring to see members of South Carolina’s congressional delegations working on issues that are important to birds across the state. On behalf of the bird lovers in Rock Hill and beyond, thank you Congressman Norman.

Sharon Richardson


Balance the budget

For many years we have been referring to Congress as the "Do Nothing" Congress. Perhaps we should now start referring to it as the "Do Harm" Congress. We desperately need the Convention of States so we can adopt the balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to put a brake on this irresponsible spending.

Charles Parker

Rock Hill

Right wing fighting Trump

One might think that former President Obama is out of the picture as President that all is well. This of course is positively not true. He is lurking in the background, along with George Soros in the takeover of our wonderful country. Let us remember that George Soros mother and dad turned their own Hungarian people over to the Nazi party during World War II.

When will we learn that everything is not like it looks? Pay attention Americans before it is too late to bring America back together. At present, we are a split nation and therefore we are close to falling off the cliff that has no return. We must take action to facilitate a move that will be positive in the right direction in getting our nation together, One Nation Under God, as it should be.

We have been invaded within our school system by "mental health cases" that have killed many children and this will continue until our government makes a definite plan to stop these children, when their deficiencies are first discovered (probably in the first four years of their lives). Think of the mothers and fathers of these children and then try to place yourself in their place. Yes, it is shocking and will continue to be shocking until we take a true active interest as have hundreds of thousands of students all over America within the last few days with their marches and protests.

President Trump has been doing splendidly on all fronts ever since he took office in 2017, yet the right wing has and still is fighting him at every turn to put him down. I guess that President Trump has them all on the run and of course they are scared to lose their jobs in Washington for all the under handed tactics that they have displayed not only here in America, but also in foreign nations. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. We are a Christian Nation and we all should be proud that we live in the greatest nation in the HISTORY OF ALL MANKIND!

Rev. Andrew Ranhosky


Herald missed important event

I was disappointed at the lack of coverage that Rock Hill's own newspaper gave to the March for Our Lives that occurred in Rock Hill on Saturday, March 24. This event began at Winthrop University, and participants marched along Oakland Avenue and ended at Senator Lindsey Graham's office. Once there, numerous participants spoke about their concerns for safety in our schools. This event, like most of the others that occurred on Saturday, was student organized and student led. Speakers included students from Winthrop University and from area high schools in addition to teachers, parents, grandparents, and other concerned community members.

They called for common sense gun legislation that can make our schools and our communities safer. They were very clear that they were not seeking to eliminate gun ownership by law abiding citizens. They repeatedly encouraged each other to register to vote, and opportunities to register were available. Rock Hill's part in this worldwide movement was organized by Winthrop students Juliet Isaacs, Lauren Mueller, Sierra Massey, Amani Perry, Sarah Jackson, and Parker Quinlan. Remember these names; they are likely to do other important work! As a community we have to support young people when they take the initiative to be politically engaged. We should be proud of them.

The Herald, instead of reporting on this local event, chose to focus its attention on a similar march that occurred in Charlotte. If your goal is to be the newspaper of York county, it would be wise to spend your efforts reporting on the news that occurs here, especially when it involves good work that our teenagers and young adults are doing.

Margaret Gillikin


Just noticed the article on Heraldonline about the massive "March for our lives" rally held in Charlotte - you all missed the fact that today a "March for our lives" rally also took place at Rock Hill's Winthrop University. Sadly there seemed to be no coverage at all from our various local news outlets.

Dan Polito

Rock Hill

Join anti-bullying efforts

Rep. Mandy Powers-Norrell has been stymied in her efforts to update laws making it a criminal offense to engage in SMS harassment/bullying. Next session, her intent is to re-introduce a bill whereby SMS harassment could be criminally prosecuted for the crime it is. She is requesting it be made a misdemeanor offense along with a $1,000 fine.

I, myself, have been a victim of this practice. Once unauthorized private info is released, little can be done about it under the current laws. Anyone, can fall victim to this. I would like to encourage anyone who has fallen victim to this, to contact Mandy or your own Representative. It is a simple click of a mouse to contact all from their website. This is a growing problem and needs to be addressed. I also encourage victims to use the #IWASAVICTIMBUTNOLONGER so we can find each other and support each other as our stories emerge. I have told Mandy that I will testify in front of whoever, whenever to address this issue. Please help me get the message out to all--that this issue IS serious and needs to be addressed, help the next victims of this crime get the satisfaction of knowing there are actions that can be taken against the perpetrators of SMS harassment/bullying via criminally enforceable charges.

Patricia J Frantz