Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Drivers should be more aware of pedestrians

Twice this week, on Monday and Friday, I had a close call with a car. It is all too familiar to those of us who walk or run for exercise in the heart of Rock Hill. Today, as I was in the cross-walk on White Street a car on Elizabeth Lane tried to take advantage of the “turn right on red” rule. The driver did not bother to look at the crosswalk he was about to hurry across. This is common. Drivers often concentrate on the oncoming traffic to their left, and they do not even glance to their right to see if a person is in their path (legally).

The second most common affront is a car that pulls up to a street from a parking lot and does not pause until the front tires are in the street. They frequently pay no attention to the possible pedestrian on the sidewalk. As often, cars do not stop at the white lines of intersections but rather drive up and across cross walk lines in their hurry to move forward when the light changes or to turn right. I try to be as attentive as possible but I am going to be more aggressive as of today.

If a car pulls in front of me, cutting off my legal path, I will give it a palm slap on the fender or trunk or where ever is most reasonable. I hope the mild thud will give the thoughtless driver a nano-second of a fright that they have hit someone and hurt them. Perhaps they will only fear they have dented their car.

Rock Hill is promoting a pedestrian friendly environment for the Knowledge Park area. Before that can be successful, our drivers need to acknowledge the superior rights of the pedestrian.

Jeanie Presto

Rock Hill

Delleney will be missed

For four years I had the privilege of calling Rep. Greg Delleney my suitemate in the House office building and as a Chester County delegation member. As a Winnsboro legislator, I deferred most Chester delegation matters to Greg. After all, who knew Chester better?

That was never a question to me. Greg is a man of honor, a man of God, and South Carolina is at a true loss due to his departure from the public scene.

I was a millennial Democrat. Greg, a baby boomer Republican. Needless to say, we didn’t always agree on issues in the House. With that said, never did I question his motives on a single issue. The man is pure as the driven snow. And all he wanted, and everything he stood for, was to better both Chester and the South Carolina which he loves.

Few people in this state have left such an indelible mark on our society as Greg. He has stood firm in his beliefs; he has fought the good fight; he has never let politics bend his core values. Chairman Delleney is the ideal statesman.

While his family regains a full-time husband, father and grandfather, they do so at our loss. We’ll forgive him, and we’ll envy them. After all, we owe him a debt so massive, that we can never begin to repay it. Chairman Delleney, enjoy your retirement!

I leave you with the words of this proverb: “May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warmly on your face, the rain soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand.”

God bless you. Enjoy your retirement. You will be sorely missed, but it is well deserved.

Former Rep. Boyd Brown