Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Templeton understands how to fix education

South Carolina ranks dead last in the nation in education. It’s not only a humiliating statistic, it’s the sad truth.

Since moving here I, a retired educator from another state, have seen our education system tank. Catherine Templeton has seen it too. Poor funding and inadequate teachers are reoccurring issues across our state. Who’s to blame? The bureaucrats at the top. They aren’t in the classrooms seeing the need for improvement. They’re sitting comfortable in their fancy offices making uninformed decisions that hinder our state’s future.

Children are the future of South Carolina and the United States. Education is supposed to prepare and empower them, not put them at a disadvantage. When competing nationally, our children lag behind. This must change. How can we provide for and prepare our children if we don’t fight for an educational system that does the same?

The primary election for governor is June 12 and the general election is Nov. 6. We need to pay attention to what the candidates are saying about education and vote for someone who will benefit our children and commit to fixing our schools. Catherine Templeton will make this commitment. She’s a mother and a buzzsaw who understands how to fix our education system. That’s why we need to elect Catherine Templeton to be our next governor.

Margarett Blackwell

Lake Wylie