Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Chester granite quarry concerns

Some are wondering why the Fishing Creek community in Chester County is so fiercely opposing a proposed granite quarry on land owned by Rock Hill City Councilman John Black. Here is a list of our greatest concerns, based primarily on information in the mining company’s permit application to DHEC and comments made by their representative at a public meeting:

1. 6,000+ tons of truck weight a day crossing the high pressure Patriot Energy Group natural gas pipeline and passing within feet of the gas transfer station.

2. Planned withdrawals of water from Fishing Creek and depletion of the water table by quarry “monitoring wells” which would threaten the creek, residential wells and farm ponds.

3. Contamination and/or sedimentation in Fishing Creek and the water table.

4. Air contamination with silica dust, a known carcinogen, also harmful to vegetation including crops and trees.

5. Destruction of wetlands and floodplain of Fishing Creek.

6. Degradation of the habitat of the endangered heelsplitter mussel and of resident wood ducks and 5 species of migratory waterfowl; also degradation of the habitat for the creekshell mussel and 6 fish species listed on the SC State Wildlife Action Plan.

7. 182 33-ton trucks a day (one every 3 minutes) traveling county roads used by school buses and farm equipment.

8. Noise and tremors from blasting negatively affecting residents and farm and domestic animals, particularly cattle, horses and dogs, many of which already fear thunder and fireworks.

9. Remediation plans that propose using highly invasive species next to farmland and managed forests.

10. Loss of property values and marketability of properties.

Residents rightly fear these impacts caused by an absentee landowner who will not be directly affected when the quarry destroys our precious quality of life.

Joanna Angle


Support Supreme Court Pick

I’m sure proud of our President, Donald Trump and our new Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, whom President Trump picked.

Without a doubt, President Trump has done more for our country than any other president in such a short period time in office.

What makes this man so strong in making the right choices? First of all, is his love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Whom President Trump has mentioned many times since becoming President.

Second, is his absolute love for our Constitution and for what it stands. He will not tolerate anything else that comes against the USA and has showed that in many ways since he has been President.

s I look at the left, the Democratic Party, it has been quite obvious to me and millions of other true patriots, that this party is not what the United States stands for. They offer nothing that can be considered substantial in any way for “we the people”.

They believe raising taxes to a point that leaves “we the people” in nothing more than turmoil. Pay checks become smaller and therefore food on the table is hardly enough to feed a family, let alone pay for clothing, and gas for their cars. I pray that President Trump will continue his brilliant work and make our country great again.

Rev. Andrew Ranhosky


Cost of illegal immigration put at $116 billion

Mr. Harts “Open Letter To Rep. Ralph Norman” touches on several interesting points to be considered.

First, if you want to write an opinion that exceeds the Herald’s stated limit of three hundred words you must be careful to write one that the Herald’s editorial staff agrees with. Apparently in that case you can have all the space that you need like the over 650 words that Mr. Hart was allowed with his open boarders piece....what a surprise.

Secondly, we all know that the left’s faux “compassion” for people, and their generosity with other peoples money, are two of the hallmarks of the open boarders movement world wide. One feature of this movement that is less likely to pass muster with the American voter is the left’s advocating of the interest of law violating immigrants ahead of the interest of the American people.

Pew Research puts the total number of illegal immigrants in S.C. at 55,000 (1.2% of the states population) and that is the most conservative estimate out there. The estimated cost to educate the these people is $266 million and that is not counting the additional cost of social assistance of $58 million. Add the estimated $28 million cost of the justice system expense for illegals, and a miscellaneous tax payer cost of another $38 million many and S.C. residents begin to wonder where indeed is this much touted leftist compassion. Nationwide the cost of illegal immigration is put at $116 billion.

So the next time that you are referred to as a racist because you believe that immigration laws, like all laws, should be abided by you might want to ask yourself what these people’s agenda really is.

Vance Barnhill