Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Minimum wage, impact fees and other fiscal issues

Impact Fees the New Tax

When York County Council voted to approve the Fort Mill school impact fee of $18.000 on new home construction and $12,000 on apartments, I knew at that minute all local governments would start to look at or implement fees. Wow was I correct. Let’s see Tega Cay voted on impact fees for new recreation, police, fire and utility. A new home could generate more than $8,000 in fees and business would be charged fees on square footage. On a new home in Tega Cay, the new impact fee on new home would increase $26,000. On 60,000 square feet store the impact fee could be up to $230,000. A nice windfall. The is great con. Let’s not charge the citizens but the builders and developers. They will pass on the new fees to the homeowners and the customers.

“Politicians love to trick people by suggesting that they will impose taxes not on them but on some other entity instead (Builders), “ economist Walter E. Willams wrote. “We can personalize the trick by talking about property taxes. Imagine that you are a homeowner and a politician tell you he is not going to tax you. Instead, he’s going to tax your property and land. You would easily see the political chicanery. Land and property cannot and do not pay taxes. Again, only people pay taxes. The same principle applies to corporations.”

The average price in Tega Cay is $300,000 before the impact fee but when the county accessors praises the home next year the new taxable amount will be a $326,000. All the homeowners will get hit with higher taxes. The county, school board and the city will pick up a nice increase in their tax base. The free market has on housing Tega Cay and Fort Mill is over. We just made it so expensive that the minorities, poor, the latecomers, the politically weak are now being discriminated.

What we have now, York county wants to pass impact fees for roads. Did we not pass Pennies 4 and increase the gas tax 12 cents a gallon? York county government and council have enough of our tax money. Chester county is looking at impact fees. The City of Rock Hill has increased impact fees on builders and developers few years ago. I bet they are looking to raise them again if Tega Cay hits a home run on their fees. Rock Hill school district will be looking at impact fees soon, trust me. This will never end until growth stops in our County. Then it will be too late.

When government gets involved in fees, regulations, and restrictions, the cost of everything from homes, food, restaurants, cars, haircuts and taxes go higher. Every day our financial and individual freedoms disappear.

Welcome to the new normal, impact fees are Taxes, just like we pay 2% on hospitality tax in our restaurants. Maybe you will get tied of paying all those hidden fees or you just can’t afford to live in Fort Mill, Tega Cay or York County.

Paul Anderko

Rock Hill

Teen labor force declines because of wage hikes

While new jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the teen unemployment rate is near historic lows, there’s a dark side to these numbers.

Just one in three teens either has a job or is looking for one. What’s more frightening is that nearly 11 million teens have either dropped out of the labor force or never entered it.

One factor in the declining teen labor force participation rate are increases in state and local minimum wages. According to a study by authors David Neumark and Cortnie Shupe, wage hikes have been a “predominant factor” in the decline.

Policymakers concerned about preserving starter jobs for young and less-skilled job seekers should seek to lower barriers to employment, not create new ones.

Samantha Summers

Communications Director

Employment Policies Institute

Washington, D.C.

Pass National Defense Authorization Act free of riders

I have lived in South Carolina for 40 years and I’ve been paying attention to politics and voting ever since I turned 18. I would like to see a return of the transparency in government that we used to have, back when it was clear who was voting for what. When it comes to the National Defense Authorization Act, something is clear to me: endangered species and military spending are two entirely different subjects, and adding an endangered rider to the NDAA might prevent it from passing. Therefore, I call on Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to do their parts to keep the NDAA free of any endangered species rider.

When it come to legislation such as the NDAA, there should be no compromise. It shouldn’t be a case of “pork barrel” spending. There should be no, “I’ll vote your way on your issue if you voted my way on this issue.” When riders are attached to legislation in this way, it make people more distrustful and cynical about political institutions. The only thing that is worse is the apathy that we are seeing in the electorate nowadays.

My brother served in the United State Air Force during Vietnam. My cousin and brother-in-law also served in the military during that time. I want to see more honor and integrity in our government. I would rather see statesmen, like we used to have, instead of just politicians. And I want to see the end of compromise. The issues of military spending and endangered species need to be handled separately and the National Defense Authorization Act should pass without any unrelated riders.

Carol Genest

Fort Mill