Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Coach cared for young people

I’m very disappointed with the Herald and it’s lack of a story about a great coach and one of the best men Rock Hill ever knew, Tom Weaver. He died in August, with nothing more than an obituary.

He served his life caring for the young people of Rock Hill and York. It is a shame his passing was just over looked. Few coaches take the time to actually care about their players the way Tom Weaver did.

Few teachers take the time to care for their students the way Tom Weaver did. He taught so many to drive in York County, as well as so many young boys what it takes to be a young man. Again, it’s a shame no article ran.

Many of his former players returned, from other states, of all backgrounds, some even professional athletes, because of one reason — Coach Weaver, who touched their lives, as well as so many others in the area.

Jeff Onley, Rock Hill