Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Guidelines for graduation

Guidelines for graduation

Since 1998, the four school districts of York County have worked together to provide the best possible climate for our high school graduation ceremonies.

Superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and students have helped establish, revise and improve our commencement procedures. We believe that all graduates deserve a ceremony and environment that honor the significance of their achievements.

Because all four school districts use the Winthrop Coliseum for graduation ceremonies, we have agreed to a set of common expectations and guidelines:

▪ Admission to the ceremony is by ticket only;

▪ Spectators should dress appropriately (no shorts, T-shirts, hats or tank-tops);

▪ Spectators should not leave their seats to take pictures during the ceremony;

▪ Spectators should not clap, shout or stand until all graduates have crossed the stage.

To help us ensure a safe, orderly and dignified ceremony, uniformed members of the Rock Hill Police Department and the Winthrop University Police Department will be on duty for all of our high school graduation ceremonies.

These officers will remove, and possibly charge, disruptive spectators who ignore the guidelines above.

Our goal is not to discourage the joy of the occasion; our goal is to recognize hundreds of students in the most dignified and efficient way possible. Graduation from high school is an important milestone for the seniors, their families and each school.

We believe that maintaining decorum while honoring these graduates is important and appropriate.

There has been tremendous community support for these guidelines in past years. Thank you to all of the families, friends and other spectators who respected these guidelines and allowed each name to be heard.

We look forward to seeing many of you again at this year’s ceremonies.

James A. Blake II


Northwestern High School