Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for June 17

Graham helps millions

I read with great consternation James Werrell’s column, “Do boycotts accomplish anything?” in Friday’s Herald. He did a huge disservice to Franklin Graham in calling him “just a dim shadow of his father, Billy Graham.”

Does he realize how many countries Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse organization is involved in around the world, offering food, clean water and housing, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ? Over 100 countries!

Yes, Franklin Graham gets down into the trenches to take personal stands for things the Bible says we all should be doing. But talk about getting down into the trenches... there is no one even close in the entire world doing the good for mankind that Graham’s organization is doing.

If Franklin Graham indeed is a dim shadow of his famous father, what does that make you and me? Have a problem with people standing up against homosexual activity, do you? It might shock you to realize that the Bible, too, speaks strongly against it. And the Bible is Franklin Graham’s and his father Billy’s “gold standard.”

Let’s stick to chastising the bad people in this world, and leave the good ones like Franklin Graham off your list.

David Pernie Sr.

Rock Hill

Obama doesn’t love America

Ever since our president took office, many interesting situations have taken place within our government. Have we been lied to by the Obama administration? Yes we have!

It is also quite obvious that Barack Obama does not love our country and has proven that over his years as president. Obama has become extremely close to foreign nations that have constantly hated the U.S. for our American way of life and the freedom that our Constitution has to offer.

His apologies to these foreign nations for how badly the United States had treated them over the years was completely false. This only proves that President Obama does not love our country. Everything he has done since he has been in office actually is not what the United States stands for.

The 2016 presidential election will be our chance to vote for the patriot who is a true American and who will think of our country as did Ronald Reagan. Christians, this will be our chance to get off our pews and finally vote as all of us should have done in the last presidential election that put into office, once again, a man who has never loved what we stand for in the first place.

Rev. Andrew Ranhosky