Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Nov. 9

Voter turnout was far too low

Sunday's “Our view” was titled “Voters came through in York County referendum.” However, it should have been, “Where were the York County voters?”

There are 159,084 registered voters in the county, but only 10,836 showed up to vote, which is only 6.7 percent. Taking this a little further, 6,292 voted for it and 4,544 voted against it. Therefore, a 1,748 voter difference or 1.1 percent of the total registered voters made the difference. Was this due to a lack of publicity, or just voter apathy?

This referendum impacts everyone who lives in the county, either positively through improved services or negatively through increased taxes. And, yes, everyone pays for this either through home ownership taxes or by an even higher percentage through rental housing/apartment taxes and vehicle taxes. Also, there are 95 precincts in the county that have to be staffed at a considerable cost (over $50,000).

Citizens not taking advantage of this privilege to vote is hard to comprehend. If you failed to vote, you have no right to complain about the election outcome.

Next year is a very important election year that will greatly impact the direction of the country. This starts with the presidential primaries in February, where you get an opportunity to select the candidate for your party. South Carolina is a big player in this. If you wait until November to vote, then your party’s candidate has already been chosen for you.

Hopefully, the voters of York County will decide to get involved in the future and that The Herald will encourage this.

Billy Hagner


Candidates out of tune with S.C.

If the Democratic candidates forum showed us anything, it highlighted the fact that the candidates are totally out of tune with the people of South Carolina. They would be fine with taking everyone’s Second Amendment rights away.

They are fine with the attacks by the federal government on Christians.They do not support that marriage us between a man and a woman. They do not have a problem with illegal aliens walking the streets of every city in South Carolina.

Then, after seven years of so-called study, they agree with rejecting the Keystone pipeline from Canada that would have made us less dependent on foreign oil. The people of South Carolina are too intelligent to be misled by a socialist and the career politicians the Democrats have to offer.

Larry Carter