Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for March 17

Expand local Mock Trial program

Congratulations to the Fort Mill High School Mock Trial team for winning the annual S.C. Mock Trial competition and to the Nation Ford High School team, which also acquitted itself so well, according to Jennifer Becknell’s recent article.

It’s unfortunate that not every high school in York County participates in Mock Trial. Both our daughters benefited from their Mock Trial experiences. That was back in the day when Northwestern High School was a perennial power, under the tutelage of political science teacher Kathy Griffin and local attorneys, including Leland Greeley.

While some may think the purpose of Mock Trial is to encourage high school students (some middle schools participated in past years and may still, for all I know) to become lawyers, that grossly undervalues the real value of the program. In addition to learning about our justice system, students develop presentation skills that can help them, whatever their career path; learn how to think on their feet; and come to appreciate the importance of teamwork.

Our daughters not only employed those skills in college, graduate school and beyond, they also developed close ties to other team members, which they maintain today.

Given the intense rivalries our high schools have developed in athletics and in such other worthwhile endeavors as band, chorus and Model U.N., it’s a shame participation in Mock Trial is limited to so few schools. It would be grand if active or retired members of the York County Bar Association would encourage our high schools to start a Mock Trial team.

Terry Plumb

Rock HIll

Real reason for opposing tax break

Be honest with your subscribers. The real reason you are against a tax break for veterans is not a “group inequity,” nor is it loss of revenue or any other fictional reason you presented in your opinion.

The real reason is you know that if vets were given a tax break in South Carolina, it would attract more veterans to move here and retire here. These people are notoriously hard working, law abiding and, as a demographic, conservative voters. Even though they would probably increase the tax base and provide a net positive revenue to the state, they do not fit your liberal/progressive agenda of making South Carolina a “blue” state.

So that is your real reason. Make South Carolina a liberal democratic state.

John McNamee