Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for March 28

The establishment has failed us

Looking to the elections in November Americans need to face several facts. Over the last 25 years establishment politicians have failed us. They have run the ship of state a ground.

They have sunk the ship by failed policies like the $1 trillion stimulus for shovel-ready jobs that didn’t exist or the $40 billion auto bailout that should have been handled with Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws. There are too many others to list here but the point is that if our politicians have been in office more than eight years, they are the problem.

While politicians have become well off, the people of America have suffered. Working Americans have lost good jobs and insurance, and those who have been able to keep their insurance have seen deductibles and prices skyrocket. The politicians carved themselves out of this silly law.

It is time to end this gravy train for career politicians. The people need to understand that in many cases the news media mislead us and to not believe everything they read or view. They need to believe their own eyes and act on what they see.

They should go to the polls and vote. This means in all elections, local, state, and federal.

H.E. Dickerson


Two at same school win state honors

Kudos to my friend Carroll Hester at Clover High. The Herald recently had a nice article regarding his retirement.

Equally important and newsworthy (more so, in my biased opinion) was the news that my principal Christopher Black and athletic director Steve Boyd at York Comprehensive High School were named 4A administrator and athletic director of the year, respectively. These awards were given by the South Carolina High School League.

I’ve been in South Carolina since 1978 and I do not recall these awards ever being given to employees at the same school at the same time. Congratulations to both! It's a privilege to work with them.

Mike Smith


Let Europeans fend for themselves

The terror attack just happened in Belgium. Only the grace of God is keeping us safe from terror in this nation.

We also need common sense regarding presidential elections and leadership. I personally do not want a socialist who would double the debt in charge or a woman with much political scandal running this country. Would they keep us safe?

I do not have space here to say why I do not like Donald Trump. I lean toward Gov. John Kasich. I like him for balancing budgets. I think he would also keep us safe.

Some people think the Republicans do not care about people. I say let them get in to run things and let churches meet the needs of people. Members of my family have gone to Africa, and stopped at the airport in Brussels Belgium on the way. They plan to return in July but I pray they will not do it. I plan to stay safe in this country. Let the people overseas fend for themselves.

If Republicans are so bad, what about what we got with Obama? He doubled the national debt for one thing. Hundreds of billions of dollars each year go to paying the interest on the debt, and soon government will not be able to sustain it.

Marty Boone

Fort Mill