Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for March 30

The Pump House is a great addition

The Rock Hill community is indeed fortunate to have a great new restaurant thanks to the vision and persistence of two local entrepreneurs, Ell Close and Colby Mosier. The total reconstruction of the old Celanese pump house into a stunning new fine dining restaurant on the Catawba River was a courageous undertaking, and these two businessmen are to be congratulated for a job well done.

Not only is the building and the setting on the river ideal for a great restaurant experience, but Close and Mosier also had the foresight to bring in an experienced operator who ensured that their new restaurant would have excellent food and exceptional service. Yes, The Pump House greatly exceeded my expectations in every respect!

Skip Tuttle

Rock Hill

Obama should have come home

Never in the history of America have we had a president like President Barack Obama and his radical administration. Ever since he took office in 2009 he has done his best to destroy our Constitution in any way possible.

Possibly, you also have had thoughts as many other Americans have had concerning the authenticity of Obama’s true feelings about his love for our country. As a good example, during the recent Brussels terror attacks, he was in Cuba to determine if he could establish a new relationship with Cuban President Raul Castro.

I feel he was trying to let the world know that he had done well by achieving a new relationship with communist Cuba. He may think this would add to his presidential legacy, which hasn’t really been good since he first took office. While President Obama was in Cuba, the city of Brussels was attacked by ISIS, and I whole-heartedly believe he should have immediately flown back to the U.S.A. He did not do so! He attended a baseball game.

When he left Cuba, he then traveled (with his family) to Argentina, where, among other things, he danced (or attempted to dance) the samba, a very sexually explicit dance with a gorgeous woman. Many feel he was thumbing his nose at the American people by publicly embarrassing them across the world.

During the 9/11 attack, President George W. Bush was in Florida at an elementary school talking with the children. When he heard of the attack in New York, he left Florida and immediately flew back to Washington. After a short briefing, he went on to the World Trade Center to see the damage first hand.

Belgium is our ally. What affects them, affects us. Where is this “unity” our president keeps talking about? I pray that our country will come back to its original roots before it’s too late for the true America to be seen again.

Andrew Ranhosky