To the Contrary

Yes to interstate tolls in S.C.

The tolls are coming ... on a couple of interstate highways, that is.

South Carolina has received permission from the federal government to collect tolls on parts of I-95 and I-26. It will be some time, however, before tolling starts. Before any motorist reacts, though, tolls won't be collected on anything but "hot lanes" when they are used. Those are generally considered express lanes.

Tolls are a reasonable and smart way to pay for highway needs. They don't put the squeeze on many South Carolinians and they are collected from many just passing through the state.

There have been some problems in highway maintenance in recent years as funding hasn't been sufficient to do some things that are needed. If tolls on some sections of the interstate system can help relieve the pressure on appropriations for the rest of the roads in the state, why not?

Court rejects suit

The South Carolina Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit challenging the leadership of the state Budget and Control Board, increasing the need for reform to come from voters. ...

The Budget and Control Board is as obsolete as much of the rest of the structure of state government. Authority is fractured and distributed so that accountability is practically nonexistent. That also makes it hard to find and eliminate waste.

State lawmakers have resisted any call to streamline and modernize state government. ...

The only solution is for taxpayers to demand it next year at the ballot box.