To the Contrary

Stimulus won't work

In James Werrell's Feb. 13 column, "Look who hates the federal stimulus bill," the only one needing tarred and feathered is Werrell and the majority of "journalists" who write this same garbage. What about President Obama's promises? Where is this transparent government? Where is the five-day review before any legislation is passed? That promise was broken within two days of his taking office with the signing of the equal-Pay legislation. Now we are on the heels of our government passing the biggest piece of horse manure in our country's history, even with the news that the economy had a 1 percent gain in GDP last month, (the sky is not falling, Chicken Little). Obama also promised that lobbyists "won't find a job in my White House." There are at least a dozen hired already, Eric Holder, Tom Vilsack, William Lynn, William Corr, etc. etc.

Put the president's plan into a rea-life scenario, and James Werrell loses his job. You're married, have four kids, and now you and your wife are sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to make ends meet. You have no savings because you believe in the live-for-the moment, borrow-and-spend philosophy, and that our government will take care of all your problems. You still have your mortgage, car payment, utilities and credit card debt. Do you cut back on non-essentials such as cell phone, cable, Internet, health club memberships, dining and entertainment, reduce your utility use?

Nope, you're following the president's plan -- you will spend to get out of debt! You keep all non-essential services, and add a few new ones like a vacation, a flat-screen TV, which effectively drains your final paycheck. Then you "go green" and borrow $40,000 for a new hybrid car and energy-efficient light bulbs for the house, forget the fact that it will take until the year 2015 before you get that 5 percent return on energy savings. Brilliant. If any parents acted this way in the handling of their family's well being, their kids would be taken by social services and their spouse would probably leave.

Real stimulus

Werrell cites middle-class tax relief. This has already been proven to be less per year than the Bush stimulus lump sum payment was, and it is temporary. Michelle Obama was quoted as referring to the lump sum payment back in June 2008: "You're getting $600. What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything, but maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn't pay down every bill every month." So now we get even less, and we should be grateful?

Billions for infrastructure? Every working American has paid local, state and federal taxes from the time they received their first paycheck for infrastructure. That money should already be there!

Billions for schools, broadband access, and public transit. Again, every working American has paid for schools regardless if we have children who use them or not. The money should already be there. So, with Obama's plan we create even more services that are unsustainable and heavily subsidized. Take our money to build it, then take future taxes to sustain it. More brilliance!

Spendthrift states

Billions to states that have spent like drunken sailors and now want more. Why should a citizen of one state pay for the failings of another state? If a state is failing, and we bail them out, what incentive is there for the government to change? The same mismanagement will occur, and in a year they will be looking for more.

What works for families or any business that doesn't receive a subsidy or can't just "take" money from taxpayers when times are tough like our government does is to cut back and conserve. You know, that crazy ideological purity thing. You don't go on a spending spree when you are hit with economic hardship! Regardless of the Obama rhetoric, our country's economic situation is not anywhere near the Great Depression or even the early '80s following the Carter administration. This is just another Obama lie. Citizens today couldn't even begin to imagine the hardships people faced during the Great Depression, but our country recovered, and it was done through tax cuts, not spending.

Outstanding journalism! I, for one, am proud of South Carolina's governor, senators and representatives who opposed this bill and saw it for what is was. It will boost our economy for the short time, but it won't be sustained.