To the Contrary

Decarbonization good for economy

Wednesday’s column by Thomas Sowell, “Stormy weather and warming hysteria,” displays the scientific illiteracy common to global warming deniers. Weather and climate are two different things.

Weather is short-term and predicting it can be very tricky. Climate is long term, and climate projections have been very accurate.

I doubt Sowell will be convinced by any of the scientific information. Studies show political ideology trumps science where climate deniers are concerned. However, there’s a fix for climate change that even climate deniers can support for its economic benefits alone.

Using conservative, free-market economics, not government regulations, we can stop climate change while we create 2.8 million U.S. jobs and add $75 billion to $80 billion annually to our GDP. Supported by most major economists, including eight Nobel Prize winners, it would be revenue-neutral (no new taxes) and middle-class and lower-income Americans would end up with extra cash in their pockets.

Here's how it works:

We stop all government subsidies to all forms of energy.

We charge all fossil fuel corporations a pollution fee and give 100 percent of that money directly back to every American, equally, every month.

Increase the fee steadily, and we can phase out fossil fuels. When dirty energy costs increasingly more than clean energy, people will buy renewables with their carbon tax refund.

British Columbia has proven for six years that this works.

The U.S. taxes imports from China and other carbon polluters to make them cut emissions. Return that import tax money to all Americans, and we can buy U.S. products again.

Watch YouTube's “Climate Solutions Citizens Climate Lobby” and “Decarbonization Takes The Fast Lane” for more information. See the Citizens Climate Lobby website to see what you can do to help stop global warming.