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Lancaster coach aiming for a new mindset on the gridiron

The summer hasn’t been kind to the Lancaster Bruins. Low participation has left the football team facing some hurdles.

Lancaster has about 36 players on varsity. Head coach Marcus Surratt said he will make the most of what he has.

“Depth maybe somewhat of an issue,” he said. “The proportion is not where I would like to see. Hopefully, we can develop young talent as we go along.”

Surratt said he would like his team to get in the mindset that having a successful season is making the playoffs. For several years, Lancaster has been in that five- to eight-win range. Surratt said he would like that to improve.

“We come to work everyday with the goal to make an impact on a young person’s life,” he said. “I feel like we have been settling.”

Surratt said complaining about the low numbers doesn’t change things.

“You won’t hear me make excuses, it doesn’t solve the problem,” he said. “Accountability comes from within. Your kid can’t miss all summer and then you come in my office wanting to talk about a scholarship.”

Top players

Senior tight end Immanuel Bush and senior linebacker Will Burton are two standout players who Surratt is expecting to make an impact. He also said he is looking for a gem to stand out as the season progresses.

What to know

Lancaster has 10 seniors listed on their roster. While senior leadership is always key, the Bruins have that leadership in key positions in Kendric Watts at wide receiver/defensive back to go with Bush and Burton. One thing that will tell a lot about Lancaster this season is whether they can stay healthy.

“That will be key because the numbers aren’t where we want them,” Surratt said. “If we can stay healthy, we should be OK.”

One thing Surratt is hoping for is that numbers will pick up once school starts.


Bush and Burton on the defensive side is who Surratt is looking at to be leaders, while on the offensive side senior RJ Stevenson, who is also on the offensive line, will be expected to lead.

Surratt said there is some potential for a lot of other leaders on the team.

“Until they get in that fight, you don’t know,” he said. “You see them at practice, but practice is different from Friday night. Until I see them do it under the lights, there is always a question.”

Coaches’ quote

“We covered some areas, but we just aren’t long in depth,” Surratt said. “After you get past that first group, we don’t have any depth.”

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