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High school football stat leaders from The Herald’s coverage area

Northwestern quarterback No. 15 Gage Moloney carries the ball as Northwestern hosted South Mecklenburg at District 3 Stadium Friday, 9-2-2016.
Northwestern quarterback No. 15 Gage Moloney carries the ball as Northwestern hosted South Mecklenburg at District 3 Stadium Friday, 9-2-2016. Special to The Herald

Here are the local high school football players that are producing headed into Week Three of the 2016 high school football season.


Quentin SandersLE684564
Jerry HowardNW383776
Ant FosterLA503614
Voshon St. HillSP483284
Malik WilliamsCH333214
Mike HillLE303086
Narrii GaitherRH382311
Lee MasseyIL231984
Jalyn ReidCH271984
Shandon CobbYO301792
Ronnie HughesFM331732
Derion KendrickSP361642
Tyree SistareIL291480
Tyquan McCrayYO341480
Des BuchananRH281410
Jackson RandallFM241401
Connor OwensCL141311
Aaron RiceGF211261
Paul MooreYO311010
Semaj LarkinCL19891
SOURCE: stats provided by schools 
Player Team Attps Comp. Int Yards TDs
Gage Moloney NW 103 66 4 783 4
Dre Robinson RH 89 52 5 706 6
Derion Kendrick SP 77 45 1 577 2
Kirk Rygol NF 45 31 0 369 2
Malik Williams CH 33 21 0 357 3
Ryan DeLuca FM 43 26 1 333 4
Shandon Cobb YO 53 40 1 324 3
Jamias Shropshire LA 33 15 1 267 3
Trey Keels LE 17 10 2 245 3
Connor Henson GF 74 37 1 206 0
SOURCE: stats provided by schools
Player Team Recepts Yards TDs
Kenny Agurs RH 15 225 3
Wally Wilmore NW 13 215 1
Cordarius Tinsley LA 11 204 2
J.P. Pendergrass SP 13 200 1
Alex Stennett NF 13 198 2
Dequez Harris NW 6 194 2
John Erby CH 6 183 2
Qua Brice RH 13 176 2
Thomas Chrisley FM 10 159 2
Mike Hill LE 7 155 2
Ryan Albino IL 11 135 1
Des Buchanan RH 6 118 0
Quinest Bishop SP 9 117 1
NiQuavian Coleman CH 6 111 1
Jae'vion Matthews YO 8 108 1
Johnny Courtney LE 7 101 2
Jamario Holley NW 10 90 0
Ethan Piercy FM 6 87 2
Halen Burgess NF 11 85 0
Aaron Rice GF 9 80 0
SOURCE: stats provided by schools

Note: Great Falls offensive stats are based on two games; the Red Devils have played three



58- Ali Shockley, Northwestern

45- Bryson Cooper, South Pointe

41- Dantavis Bowser, Northwestern

40- Cort Neely, South Pointe

35- Patrick Mead, Fort Mill

34- Kendrick Hicks, Rock Hill; Darryl Manning, Lewisville

29- Vinny Catan, Nation Ford

28- Devardo Williams, Rock Hill; Caliph Brice, Northwestern; Dillon Howie, Indian Land; Corbin Tesimale, Nation Ford

27- Logan Teeter, Indian Land

26- Grant Stevens, Fort Mill

25- Robbie Cshuta, Indian Land

24- Jordan Morris, Rock Hill; Jaylen McFadden, Lewisville; Alan Alford, Northwestern; J.T. Sanders, York

23- Radarrius Wright, Chester; Mikail Fourney and Keilan Renegar, Lewisville

22- Jordan Markowski, Fort Mill; B.J. Davis, South Pointe

21- Jalen Pickett-Hicks and Ken’darius Frederick, South Pointe; Dantrell Simmons, Chester; Christian Steele, Northwestern

20- Quay Hardin, Chester

19- Nick Truesdale, Rock Hill; Harry Goodwin, Nation Ford; Mike Derado, Fort Mill; Dondre Douglas, York

18- Ethan McGriff and Ladarius Foster, Chester; Ladell Massey, Northwestern; Ryan Heriot, Fort Mill; Cody Spires, Great Falls

17- B.J. Davis, South Pointe; John Young, Nation Ford; William Makowski, Indian Land; Chesia Coleman, Rock Hill

16- D.J. Agurs, Northwestern

15- Jaylen Mahoney, Eli Adams, Jamari Currence and Deedric Cousar, South Pointe; Jake Ajemian, Mel Plankenhorn and Gus Jarosz, Fort Mill; Ashton Schaufert, Nation Ford; Zac Roberts, Great Falls; Joseph Sikorski, Indian Land

14- Jamonte Jennings, Rock Hill; Zion McClinton, York


8- Darryl Manning, Lewisville

6- Radarrius Wright, Chester

3- Eli Adams, South Pointe; Willy Clark and Blake Watson, Clover; Jene Thompson, Lewisville; Ethan McGriff, Chester

2- Bryson Cooper, South Pointe; Radarrius Wright, Chester; Dondre Douglas, York; Tyrus McCullough and Na’Jaylin Sanders, Lewisville

1- Areon Walls and Malik Gregory, Northwestern; Dillon Howie and Logan Teeter, Indian Land; Jalyn Reid, Dantrell Simmons, Jarez Hardin and Jalyn Reid, Chester; Roderick Johnson, Lancaster; Jhyques Thomas, Jake Ajemian, Quinn Vandermark, Nick Brown, Mel Plankenhorn and Jordan Markowski, Fort Mill; Tommy Belk, Great Falls; Cody VanCamp and J.T. Sanders, York; Jalen Pickett-Hicks, DaQuan Brown, Keshawn Freeman, B.J. Davis, Jerrell Mobley and Deangelo Huskey, South Pointe; Hayden Milley and Devon Chisholm, Clover; Chesia Coleman, Devardo Williams, Matt Klipa and Dakota Ferguson, Rock Hill

Fumbles recovered

2- Jake Ajemian, Fort Mill; Deandre Watkins, Nation Ford; Keenan Barnes, Lancaster

1- Bryson Cooper and Ken’darius Fredrick, South Pointe; Dakota Ferguson and Kendrick Hicks, Rock Hill; Pha’Leak Brown, Radarrius Wright and T.J. Hollis, Chester; Josh Cairns, Patrick Mead and Grant Stevens, Fort Mill; Keilan Renegar and Jene Thompson, Lewisville; Trent Isenhower, Great Falls; Logan Teeter, Michael Watkins and Dillon Howie, Indian Land

Forced fumbles

2- Justin Reese, South Pointe; Quinn Vandermark, Fort Mill; Dantrell Simmons, Chester

1- Stone Potts, Dorian Williams, Jake Locklear and Dillon Howie, Indian Land; Ryan Heriot and Jake Ajemian, Fort Mill; Eli Adams, Daquan Brown, Keshawn Freeman and B.J. Davis, South Pointe; Matthew Klipa, Jamaal Smith, Chesia Coleman and Caleb Brown, Rock Hill; Corey Wright and Stan Mills, Chester; Deylajure Addison, Zay Mills, Areon Walls and Malik Gregory, Northwestern; Ashton Schaufert, Nation Ford


3- Chase Yoder, Lewisville; Ronnie Hughes, Fort Mill

2- Jamonte Jennings, Rock Hill; Quay Hardin, Chester; John Gregory, Indian Land; Keilan Renegar, Lewisville;

1- Malik Campbell and Gus Jarosz, Fort Mill; John Young, Nation Ford; Willy Clark, DreQuann Starr, Sean Tyson and Hayden Milley, Clover; Meliko Roseborough, Nigel McCullum and C.D. Catoe, Lancaster; Aaron Rice and Kelton Talford, Great Falls; Dantavis Bowser, Freddie Cunningham and Caliph Brice, Northwestern; Dorian Williams, Indian Land; Pha’Leak Brown, Chester; Tajh Reid-Stanley, Zion McClinton and J.T. Sanders, York; Ken’darius Fredrick, Justin Reese, Cort Neely and Jamari Currence, South Pointe

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