Another 640 homes pitched. Why it’s just the beginning in Lancaster County, again.

Indian Land SC homes planned

More homes could come to Indian Land, South Carolina. Lancaster County has thousands of homes planned in the area.
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More homes could come to Indian Land, South Carolina. Lancaster County has thousands of homes planned in the area.

Lancaster County has another 641 homes on 346 acres up for a decision. With hundreds of homes on the way right behind them.

The county planning commission will meet Jan. 15 with plans on the table for subdivisions along Harrisburg Road in the Indian Land area.

The Sugar Creek subdivision would add 512 homes on Harrisburg Road, a mile north of its intersection with Barberville Road, according to planning commission documents. The subdivision covers both sides of Harrisburg. The property is vacant and comes up against Sugar and McAlpine creeks. The site is surrounded by light industrial and residential property including the Farrington, Regent Park and Almond Glen subdivisions.

The site is 289 acres and includes 77 acres of open space. Of the 512 homes, 381 would be age-restricted, according to the documents.

Age-restricted is a key term in residential development, the idea among community planners being that older residents impact areas in different ways than a younger group. Older residents drive fewer cars, use roads at times other than peak rush hours and add fewer students to local schools.

Age-restricted homes require ownership by senior citizens.

The traffic study for Sugar Creek, which is part of the planning documents, looked at Harrisburg, Barberville and Carolina Acres roads along with Regent Parkway. The roads study projects failing service levels with or without construction.

The traffic study found a southbound right turn lane from Harrisburg onto Regent Parkway would be needed. As would either a two-way turn lane from Regent Parkway to Almong Glen, or an extension of the northbound left turn lane on Harrisburg. Five more new or extended turn lanes would impact Caroline Acres and Barberville roads.

A mile of greenway along Sugar Creek is proposed. It will be dedicated to the county and a 10-foot wide asphalt or concrete trail would be added.

County planners recommend in favor of the plan, given state approval of agreed upon road improvements.

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Chateau Ridge

Chateau Ridge is a proposal for 129 homes on 57 acres. It’s on Harrisburg Road, less than a mile southeast of the Harrisburg intersection with Barberville Road. The planning commission voted against the plan last November. County planning staff now recommends in favor of the subdivision.

The site has flood plain and tributary portions, along with some existing homes that would be removed for the new development. Surrounding the site are Covington North, Covington South, Covington Estate, Bridgehampton and Avondale, along with undeveloped parcels.

Part of the concern the planning commission had in the fall is traffic.

A required traffic analysis predicts the Harrisburg and Barberville intersection to be at a failing level of service in 2024 with or without the new homes.

The developer has committed to building an eastbound right turn lane, something the analysis said would be needed. Yet the traffic study found it would take two turn lanes in all four directions at the intersection, with or without Chateau Ridge construction, to bring the intersection to a “C” grade.

The proposed plan would have three access driveways. The main ones would be Tabor Lane and Chateau Ridge Way, off Harrisburg.

Sidewalks on the north and south sides of Harrisburg Road, natural surface trails between open spaces, parking for the mailbox kiosk and changes to protect trees have been made since the planning commission voted against the plan last fall. No changes to the application were made that would impact road improvements.

Sinacori Builders would construct Chateau Ridge.

More coming

The Sugar Creek and Chateau Ridge developments are likely to have others coming right behind them.

At the same Jan. 15 planning commission meeting that could decide those projects, Lennar Carolinas has an almost 15-acre property up for zoning changes off Skylark Road, west of Ashley Road. The plan is to add that property to existing Lennar land for a Henry Harris Road subdivision already on 311 acres.

Lancaster County Council would have final say on the zoning change.

Lennar also has a request set for the Feb. 19 planning commission meeting asking to change the zoning on 76 acres east of Old Hickory Road and north of Crestview Lane. That property would allow a secondary access off Old Hickory to another planned Lennar subdivision.

Last August, Lennar submitted three zoning requests that combined could put homes on almost 1,800 acres. In December, council changed the zoning for more than 1,300 of those acres on the west side of U.S. 521, between its intersections with West North Corner and Shiloh Unity roads. The project will have a 10-year buildout, with the first phase of home construction beginning this year.

The project will have about 2,000 homes.

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