York cop who survived shooting got in dance-off with kid. He admits he got crushed.

York police officer dances at a Burger King in York

Sgt. Kyle Cummings of York Police Department dances at Burger King. He survived being shot in 2018.
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Sgt. Kyle Cummings of York Police Department dances at Burger King. He survived being shot in 2018.

York Police Department Sgt. Kyle Cummings is the first to admit he isn’t much of a dancer.

“I’m terrible,” Cummings said.

But after surviving being shot by a suspect in 2018 in an incident where another cop was killed and two other law enforcement officers were wounded, Cummings is so happy to be alive that he danced on camera at a York restaurant Thursday night.

In uniform.

In public.

Cummings had a dance-off with a child who was in the line at Burger King.

The kid had style. The kid had moves. Cummings? Well, let’s just say Cummings knows the kid is a better dancer than he is.

“He beat me bad,” Cummings said.

Other officers with Cummings who were working the overnight shift can be heard on the video saying, “He got you.”

Cummings, a husband and father, said he wanted to show the child a positive side of law enforcement officers.

“My goal always is for kids to know police are on their side and are out here for them, to protect them,” Cummings said.

Cummings is one of four York County police officers who was shot in January 2018 during a manhunt for domestic violence suspect Christian McCall outside of York. York County Sheriff’s Office Det. Mike Doty was killed by McCall. Sgt. Buddy Brown, Sgt. Randy Clinton and Cummings were wounded.

McCall later pleaded guilty to murder and three counts of attempted murder and is serving a life sentence in a South Carolina prison.

Cummings had several surgeries after he was shot in the upper leg.

Cummings returned to work in late 2018 and now works as a sergeant supervisor in the patrol division of the York Police Department. He has not allowed his wounds to keep him from being a leader.

Cummings was the first police responder and performed first aid in the summer of 2018 when two men were shot at a York convenience store.

On New Year’s Day this year, Cummings and other York officers arrested several drug suspects after a fight at a York Walmart where one suspect had a knife.

York Police Department Chief Andy Robinson encourages his officers to interact with the community so the public knows that police are on their side. In 2017, several officers joined in a dance at a birthday party where police had been called for a noise complaint.

Cummings doesn’t know the boy he tried to out-dance. But after being shot in the leg, he sure is happy to be able to dance.

“I am proud to be out here serving people,” Cummings said.

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