Gang member avoided prison in Chester councilman’s killing. Now, he’s back in jail.

DeAngelo Roseboro
DeAngelo Roseboro York County Sheriff’s Office

Gang member DeAngelo Roseboro received probation in August when he admitted his role in the 2014 shooting death of Chester councilman Odell Williams.

Roseboro testified for prosecutors to help put the shooter in prison for life. Yet Roseboro is back in jail looking at a possible five years in prison after being charged with carrying a gun and violating his probation.

Williams, a retired police officer and Chester City Council member, was gunned down in November 2014 after a chase with members of the Roundtree Circle gang of Chester County. The shooter, Christopher Moore, is serving life in prison after he was convicted at trial in 2016. Three others involved, including Roseboro, received lighter sentences after agreeing to plea deals.

During the Moore trial, Roseboro admitted he and the other gang members plotted an armed robbery of a rival Chester gang before the shootout and chase with Williams.

Roseboro, 23, is barred from having a gun after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery in the Williams killing. A five-year prison sentence under South Carolina’ youthful offender laws was suspended at the August plea hearing.

Yet Roseboro was charged Dec. 7 by Lancaster County deputies with unlawful carrying of a pistol, police and court records show.

On Dec. 11, Roseboro was released on $4,000 bond from the Lancaster County jail, records show.

Probation agents arrested Roseboro Wednesday for violation of his probation from the arrest in Lancaster and for possessing a weapon, said Pete O’Boyle, spokesman for the S.C. Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services.

Roseboro also tested positive for marijuana and failed to pay probation fees and fines, O’Boyle said.

It remains unclear when Roseboro will appear in court on the probation violation charges where he could be subject to revocation of the suspended five-year prison sentence.