Fort Mill man accused of wrapping his legs around and choking pregnant girlfriend

A Fort Mill man was arrested after police say he wrapped his legs around and choked his pregnant girlfriend during an argument.

Jacob Gavin Miskelly, 28, remains in York County detention on a $5,000 bond.

Fort Mill police responded a little before 8 p.m. Oct. 8 to a home on West Hensley Road. After investigating, police charged Miskelly with first-degree domestic violence.

According to the police report, a call came in that a man and a woman were arguing, and that she was using a baseball bat to break a car window.

Miskelly told police, according to the report, that an argument started and he put his hands on the woman, who is 10 weeks pregnant.

The pair have been together two years, the report said, and have lived together since July.

Miskelly told police the woman jumped on his back. He also told police he wrapped his legs around her neck and choked her in attempt to calm her.

He said the woman came at him with a knife, and as the argument proceeded outside the home, she threw an ashtray at him, breaking the window and taillight of her own vehicle, the report said.

Miskelly said the woman broke his speaker with the bat, and he threw the speaker at her, nearly hitting her. He told police the cut on his hand was from punching holes in the walls during the argument.

The woman, who police noticed walking with a limp, told police Miskelly grabbed her by the neck and choked her by pushing her against a nightstand. She said she never lost consciousness or struggled to breathe at that time. She told police she grabbed a pocket knife for protection and told Miskelly not to touch her again.

He left the room, the woman told police, but returned with a baseball bat and began punching holes in the wall and beating the bed, threatening her. The woman said Miskelly told her to call her mother and police to come save her as he threatened her, the report said.

When the woman tried to take back a license plate Miskelly had, she told police, he took her to the ground, grabbing her arm and wrapping his legs around her neck as he choked her.

The woman said that at that point, she struggled to breathe. The woman told police she heard her knee pop during the incident, which is why she was limping. She also said Miskelly threw a glass cologne bottle at her, hitting her in the lower back. The woman told police she hit the speaker and broke a car window with the baseball bat out of anger.

The woman declined to give a written statement, but officers determined Miskelly was the primary aggressor and charged him based on the second choking incident and his knowledge that the woman is pregnant.

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