Rock Hill woman thought there was a warrant for her arrest. She lost $5K, police say

A Rock Hill woman lost nearly $5,000 in an apparent scam Tuesday, according to Rock Hill Police Department.

The woman, 20, told police she got a call from a Winthrop University Campus Police Department phone number, according to a Rock Hill Police Department report. A man on the line said “her identity was stolen and there was a warrant out for her arrest,” the report states.

The woman told police the caller had an accent and sounded female, the report states.

She told police the caller said her stolen identity information “had been used to buy drugs online from the Dominican Republic,” the report states.

The caller said a program could clear her name and remove her information from the Internet if she paid, according to the report. The woman was told to send a cash wire transfer of almost $4,800 from multiple Rock Hill businesses, according to the report.

She also was told to send a picture of a $200 Visa Gift Card, the report said.

A Rock Hill officer called the number on the card and was able to prevent that loss, according to the report.

The woman was told law enforcement does not request gift cards, wire transfers or iTunes cards for payment owed to government agencies, according to the report.

This case is pending further investigation.

This is not the only scam that has reached the York County region this month.

Last week, the York County Sheriff’s Office posted a phone scam alert on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

The sheriff’s office said it received more than 15 calls in an hour of people spoofing the sheriff’s real office number in an attempt to scam potential victims, according to the Facebook post.

The scammers posed as a deputy, sergeant or lieutenant with the sheriff’s office claiming to have warrants out for people’s arrest, according to the department. They instructed people to send money through prepaid cards, the post states.

The sheriff’s office said if people get a call like this, hang up and don’t give any personal information over the phone.

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