York Co. man accused of pointing gun at grandmother admits crystal meth binge


A York County man who admitted he was coming down from a crystal meth binge when he destroyed his grandmother’s furniture a day after he got out of jail for damaging her home was sentenced to probation and drug treatment Thursday.

Jesse Parkins, 22, of Sharon, who had been charged with attempted armed robbery and pointing a rifle at his grandmother, pleaded guilty to felony malicious damage to property when almost $4,000 worth of furniture was destroyed July 26. A five year sentence as a youthful offender was suspended as part of the plea agreement.

Parkins admitted to judge J. Derham Cole that he had just gotten out of jail the day before when he allegedly damaged items in his grandmother’s home, then became irate after “coming down” from using “crystal meth,” the street name for methamphetamine. Parkins’ grandmother, 77, had gotten him out of jail.

Prosecutor Matthew Shelton said in court that his investigation showed, and the grandmother told him, that the evidence did not support the initial allegations that Parkins tried to rob her of money.

Shelton worked out a plea agreement where Parkins, who admitted having drug problems, would plead guilty to the property damage and still be required to get in-patient drug treatment when a bed comes open at a treatment center.