Local Election

Who’s running as filing closes in York, Chester, Lancaster counties?

Filing for the November elections ended with a few last-minute additions to state and local races.

Twenty-seven local incumbents will be re-elected to state and county offices without having to face a challenger in either a primary or general election. Others will have to fight for a spot on the November ballot in a June 14 primary.

In the 5th Congressional District, incumbent Rep. Mick Mulvaney of Indian Land will have to win a Republican primary against Lake Wylie nonprofit fundraiser Ray Craig, who says Mulvaney is too “far right of center” to represent the district, while Democrats will have to choose between former University of South Carolina football player and vice presidential aide Fran Person and state Rep. John King, D-Rock Hill.

King has also filed to run for re-election to the S.C. House seat he’s held in Rock Hill since 2008. He wouldn’t be able to hold both offices at once, but election officials say that only means he would have to resign from one office if he wins both.

A third party also has more than one candidate to choose from in its congressional pick. The American Party has two candidates running in the district: Rudy Barnes Jr. of Little Mountain and Larry Gaither of Winnsboro. Since the American Party doesn’t hold a primary, its candidate will be chosen according to its own internal party rules.

State legislators won’t return to Columbia unchallenged either. Rep. Raye Felder, R-Fort Mill, faces a challenge from York County Democrat Jim Thompson in District 26, and House speaker pro tempore Tommy Pope, R-York, faces a challenge from Constitution Party candidate Diane Phelps Simmons in York County’s District 47.

In state Senate races, two Republicans will be on the ballot in Rock Hill’s District 15, and three Democrats are competing in the race for District 17 in Fairfield, Chester and York counties.

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The candidates

U.S. Senate

▪  Republican incumbent Tim Scott

▪  Democrat Thomas Dixon

▪ Constitution & Libertarian Bill Bledsoe

▪ American Jim Hinkle

▪ American “Rebel” Michael Scarborough

5th Congressional District

▪ Republican incumbent Mick Mulvaney

▪ Republican Ray Craig

▪  Democrat John King

▪ Democrat Fran Person

▪  American Rudy Barnes Jr.

▪ American Larry Gaither

State Senate District 14

▪  Republican incumbent Harvey Peeler

▪ Republican Kenny Price

State Senate District 15

▪ Republican incumbent Wes Hayes

▪ Republican Wes Climer

State Senate District 16

▪  Democrat incumbent Greg Gregory

State Senate District 17

▪  Democrat incumbent Creighton Coleman

▪  Democrat Morgan Reeves

▪ Democrat Mike Fanning

▪  Republican Mark Palmer

State Senate District 27

▪ Democrat incumbent Vincent Sheheen

State House District 26

▪  Republican incumbent Raye Felder

▪  Democrat Jim Thompson

State House District 29

▪  Republican incumbent Dennis Moss

State House District 30

▪  Republican incumbent Steve Moss

State House District 41

▪  Democrat incumbent MaryGail Douglas

State House District 43

▪  Republican incumbent Greg Delleney

State House District 44

▪  Democrat incumbent Mandy Powers Norrell

State House District 45

▪  Democrat Tyler Mitchell

▪  Republican Brandon Newton

State House District 46

▪  Republican incumbent Gary Simrill

State House District 47

▪  Republican incumbent Tommy Pope

▪  Constitution Party member Diane Phelps Simmons

State House District 48

▪  Republican incumbent Ralph Norman

State House District 49

▪  Democrat incumbent John King

State House District 53

▪  Republican incumbent Richie Yow

▪  Democrat Victor K. Li

State House District 65

▪  Republican incumbent Jay Lucas

16th Circuit Solicitor

▪  Republican incumbent Kevin Brackett

York County Coroner

▪  Republican incumbent Sabrina Gast

York County Clerk of Court

▪  Republican incumbent David Hamilton

York County Sheriff

▪  Republican Kevin Tolson

▪  Republican John Williams

York County Council District 1

▪  Republican incumbent Michael Johnson

▪  Democrat Keith D. Brann

York County Council District 2

▪  Republican Allison Love

▪  Republican Doug Meyer-Cuno

York County Council District 3

▪  Republican Joe Cox

▪  Republican incumbent Robert Winkler

York County Council District 4

▪  Democrat incumbent William “Bump” Roddey

York County Council District 5

▪  Republican incumbent Christi Cox

York County Council District 6

▪  Republican incumbent Britt Blackwell

York County Council District 7

▪  Democrat incumbent Chad Williams

Fishing Creek Watershed Conservation District Commissioner

▪  Nonpartisan John Templeton

Chester County Sheriff

▪  Democrat incumbent Alex Underwood

▪  Democrat Andre Williams

▪  Democrat Al Rainey

▪  Republican Richard Smith

Chester County Clerk of Court

▪  Democrat incumbent Sue Carpenter

Chester County Coroner

▪  Democrat incumbent Terry Tinker

Chester County Treasurer

▪  Democrat incumbent Thomas Darby

Chester County Auditor

▪  Democrat incumbent Donnie Wade

Chester County Council District 3

▪  Democrat incumbent Joe Branham

▪  Democrat Jason Ream

Chester County Council District 4

▪ Democrat Bobby Compton

▪ Democrat incumbent John Holcombe

▪ Democrat Walker Thompson

▪  Republican Pete Wilson

Chester County Council District 6

▪  Democrat incumbent Alex Oliphant

Lancaster County Sheriff

▪  Republican incumbent Barry Faile;

▪  Democrat William Alexander McCoy III

Lancaster County Clerk of Court

▪  Democrat incumbent Jeff L. Hammond

Lancaster County Coroner

▪  Democrat Karla Knight Deese

Lancaster County Auditor

▪ Republican Allen Blackmon

▪ Republican Suzette Connell Murphy

▪ Republican Susan Hunter Wallace

Lancaster County Treasurer

▪ Republican incumbent Carrie Williams Helms

Lancaster County Council District 1

▪ Republican David Freeman

▪ Republican Terry Graham

▪ Republican Melvin Stroble

▪ Republican J.R. Wilt

Lancaster County Council District 3

▪ Republican Billy Mosteller

Lancaster County Council District 5

▪ Republican incumbent Steve Harper

Lancaster County Council District 7

▪ Republican incumbent Brian Carnes

Source: S.C. Election Commission