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Jim Casada

A bittersweet goodbye built on decades of memories

My adieu with The Herald newspaper in Rock Hill, South Carolina, comes with considerable sadness, but behind that lies almost four decades of gladness, more than 2,000 columns, a host of friendships engendered by my scribblings, and opportunities to serve local sportsmen in a myriad of ways.

Jim Casada

The Lake Wylie licensing conundrum

The history of reciprocal fishing licensing between North Carolina and South Carolina is murkier than a muddy Lake Wylie cove, and had one ulikely South Carolina Legislature presence in the late Herb Kirsh.

Jim Casada

Today’s Upland bird hunting alternative

With temperatures dropping, thoughts of those with long memories transcend the world whitetails and look back to the golden age of birds. Incidentally, most anywhere in the South the word “birds’ refers specifically to bobwhite quail, the one-time resident of fence rows and broom sedge fields Havilah Babcock described as “five ounces of feathered dynamite.”

Former Hurricane Joe Corvo chases CrossFit championship

Watch one of Joe Corvo's qualifying Crossfit workouts.