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Pot smell brought York Co. cops. Then Oxys fell out of the suspect's pants, cops say

Daquann Kadeen McClanahan
Daquann Kadeen McClanahan York County Sheriff's Office

The smell of someone smoking pot started a traffic stop in York County, but the Oxys that fell from the suspect's pants turned into a felony drug trafficking charge for a Lancaster felon out on bond.

Daquann Kadeen McClanaha, 24, was charged with trafficking opioids after what police believe were 53 Oxycodone pills fell from his pants after a traffic stop, a York County Sheriff's Office report shows.

McClanahan was pulled over late Saturday by officers who said they smelled marijuana coming from McClanahan's vehicle and saw a cigarette package tossed from the vehicle, police said. McClanahan admitted he turned into a neighborhood to avoid police, then denied having any weed.

He told officers that "he smoked it all," before the traffic stop, officers said.

When officers searched McClanahan, the narcotic Oxycodone pills packaged in baggies weighing more than six grams allegedly fell from McClanahan's pants, the report states. Oxycodone is one of the prescription drugs associated with a nationwide opioid addiction crisis.

Officers also found nine .40 caliber handgun bullets in the trunk. McClanahan has previous drug and weapons convictions in York County from 2015 and is barred from possessing guns or ammunition, police and court records show.

McClanahan was out on bond from Lancaster County at the time of his arrest for an illegal weapons charge from January, court records show.

Officers also said they recovered the discarded cigarette package and found two marijuana joints inside. Officers charged McClanahan with possession of marijuana.

McClanahan remains in the York County jail under a $13,000 bond, jail records show.

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